"Game Changing"

"This is the first time I've loved a cane! The best part is the forearm hook. The support from that alone makes this cane worth it. I also feel like the overall look is trendy."
Strong & Lightweight
Feather-light aluminum construction, yet easily supports up to 500lbs!
Perfect Fit & Height
We added extra adjustment slots - 12 total - so you can set the perfect height for you!
Ergonomic Handgrip
Tired hands no more! Our super-comfort grips mean your hands won’t get achy and tired.
Stand Safely and Walk with Confidence with the StrongArm Comfort Cane
The StrongArm Comfort Cane provides the ultimate support and comfort for your mobility needs. Can be used on both left and right arms.
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Stand with Independence
When standing from a seated position StrongArm’s unique design offers that hand up without the need to push off an arm rest or the struggle to find your balance as you stand. 

The StrongArm Comfort Cane was designed to improve the lives of everyday cane users. StrongArm has a one-of-a-kind handle that provides a comfortable and supportive forearm brace. Making this cane safer, sturdier, and more supportive over the standard walking cane.

We Designed StrongArm to be the Perfect Cane
We were guided by 3 principles when designing the StrongArm Comfort Cane: Strength so you feel safe and secure, Support so you have the confidence to regain your independence, and Comfort so you can breeze through your day!
"The great support while I walk has brought me to absolutely love this cane. It helped with my step heal-toe follow through and reduced stress on my arm, shoulder and wrist. I finally stand in an upright position when using a cane."
Best cane I've ever 

walked with!

Being a rather large and short person with two artificial hips, I can happily say this is the best cane I've ever walked with. Also having Meniere's Disease, I sometimes have issues with steadiness on my feet. This cane holds onto my arm and will not slip from my hand, making it ideal for me. Whenever I go out, people always ask me about my cane.
Nancy Caldwell 

on 05/04/2020 Verified Buyer

Game Changing
This is the first time I've loved a cane! The best part is the forearm hook. The support from that alone makes this cane worth it. I also feel like the overall look is trendy. I'm a young person and this works great for me.
Edward Lally 

on 05/01/2020 Verified Buyer

Hallelujah! Not too heavy, making it perfect.
I ordered the bronze cane for my loved one so he would be able to find it easier. So far he loves it. Since switching to the StrongArm cane he feels he has more independence. He's able to use the stairs in our home with more stability. While walking, he has surer footing. Another thing he likes is how it's a lighter cane compared to the claw or 3/4 prong stand alone canes.
Jane Rivers 

on 05/04/2020 Verified Buyer

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Stand Safely and Walk with Confidence
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The StrongArm Comfort Cane provides the ultimate support and comfort for your mobility needs. StrongArm is an FDA approved walking cane that can be used with both right and left arms. 

Lightweight & Strong • 12 Height Adjustments

Supports up to 500 lbs • Includes User Guide & Instructions.

See why customers love StrongArm Comfort Cane
We are dedicated to supporting your mobility by making the best walking canes that offer support, stability, and unparalleled comfort. The StrongArm Comfort Cane remains the highest quality walking canes around that’s our commitment. but don’t just take our word for it. 

We value your opinion and so do other customers. Read reviews from customers about their experience with the StrongArm Comfort Cane.

4.9 Average

Arlington, US

on 09/05/2020

Verified Buyer

sturdy and comfy

it feels nice and secure and the hand hold is comfy. I like the stand assist option. It's lite and I like the blue color. I wish you had other fun colors and designs. The neutral colors just remind me of a hospital or an old folks home. I'm in neither. I mean if you have to use a cane, you might as well have fun with it! Let it show your personality! Please add more designs and fun colors. Also a self standing option would be nice. Sometimes it's hard to bend down to pick it up if it falls, etc... Thanks for thinking outside the box!


Southborough, US

on 08/07/2020

Verified Buyer


This feels very sturdy. It supports my arm in such a way that my wrist is well balanced and comfortable. When I put the cane down, my hand, wrist and arm feel normal, so not much stress on them. One thing I'm watching for is prettier colors. Like paint it in lovely colors. Have flowers in the painted design if you feel like doing that. Think of beautiful things that would look good on it. But even just great color would kick me into gear to buy another. I love my black one. But it'd be so great to have one or two that would go with my clothes colors, etc. Favorite cane I've ever had. So comfortable.

Barbara Anderson 

Omaha, US

on 05/24/2020

Verified Buyer

Gives you much better stability 

I got this cane because a traditional cane feels scary when going up or down a curb or a set of steps.I never felt enough stability, but the strong arm I can use more of my arm to give stability, not just my hand and wrist. I love it.

Vivian Eastman 

Libson Falls, US

on 11/29/2020

Verified Buyer

Best Cane Ever 

Aging accentuates our weaknesses. I have had 9 operations due to arthritis, with 3 of them on the left hand and 1 on the right hand. I have to use the cane on the left side due to issues with degenerative bone disease in the spine and a right knee problem. This cane gives me a secure feeling in spite of being wobbly.

Jimmie Simmons 

on 05/01/2020

Verified Buyer

Great after surgery. 

I was recommended this cane from my physical therapist after I had leg and ankle fusion surgery. After transitioning from wheelchair and a walker, this cane made recovery easier. It's very stable.

Bonnie Dewees 

Springfield, US

on 05/19/2020

Verified Buyer

Walking cane 

I find that the Strong Arm cane gives you much more support than any other cane and I have tried 4 other kinds. I feel like I can walk with much more confidence.

Natale Aiello 

North Haven, US

on 01/05/2020

Verified Buyer




Detroit, US

on 12/31/2020

Verified Buyer

Works Just Fine 

My StrongArm is a game changer. I am a tall male, 6’4” and I was able to adjust it and still had a couple of holes that I can adjust to. Now, if you could add a base on to it, so that it can stand on its own!🤔

Hi There! 

We are currently in development of a new tip that will allow the cane to stand upright on its own. Once this product is available, we’ll notify anyone who has purchase the StrongArm Comfort Cane.

- Strong Arm Customer Support


Old Forge, US

on 12/30/2020

Verified Buyer

Quality product well made, great value. 

This cane is sturdy, comfortable, and functional. My wife bought it for me and it was a genuine improvement over the standard cane. I recommend this cane to anyone who uses a regular cane. It really works.

Levon Peacock 

Maple Valley, US

on 12/30/2020

Verified Buyer


I was so pleased that I could find this Cane again after so many years. Absolutely the best made Cane ever! I bought one in 2010 after foot surgery and after a couple of moves it got misplaced. So happy to have a new one.